While Technology transfer we will provide following documents

  • Clone related documents - Gene,Vector mapping & sequence details,
  • CTD - Common Technical Dossier (Complete process write up for Upstream, Downstream process & Analytical development Methods
  • Formulation write up/protocols
  • IPQC Protocols
  • QC Protocols for finished products etc.


CellCreep Biotech has platform technologies for novel High Cell Density Cultivation (HCDC) for Mammalian cell lines for Monoclonal Antibody expression (Up to 70 to 100 million cells /ml).

CellCreep Biotech team has a rich experience in the field of clone development and bioprocess technology
with individual achievements. The technologies are under development would contribute a lot to the company's growth and also to human society

A basket of biosimilar products are under various stages of development with our collaborators.