Cell Creep Biotech Technical team consists of expertise in Genetic engineering, Metabolic engineering, Protein engineering, Quality control and Bioassay development, as well as Technology transfer.

Here is a snapshot of our key technical team members:

Genetic Engineering Collaboration with CRO Companies for Cloning of Bacterial & Mammalian cell lines for Biosimilars&mAb’s. Having Collaboration with CRO Companies for procuring Industrially proven Clones & also complete technologies.
Metabolic Engineering Scientist have extensive work experience in Upstream process combined with Downstream process, Management skills & Technology transfer

Experience:  Fermentation process development, scale-up, technology transfer &cGMP manufacturing of different products.
Evaluation & handling of different high expression platform technologies, apoptotic bioassay developments.
Product Groups: Therapeutic proteins like PEG GCSF, Interferon’s, Monoclonal antibodies in different expression system like Bacterial, Yeast & Mammalian cells& Vaccines.

Protein Engineering Scientist with extensive work Experiences  in mAb's & Novel therapeutic's design

Experience: Process improvement on downstream process, scale-up & technology transfer.

Product Groups: Therapeutic proteins like PEG GCSF,Interferons& Monoclonal antibodies

Analytical Development & QC Scientist have extensive experience in Analytical development & QC

Experience: Protein characterization, Analytical Instrumentation & Other Analytical Techniques.                                  

Product Groups: Therapeutic proteins like PEG GCSF,Interferons & Monoclonal antibodies